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Let's strengthen your team!
We help your team to develop software efficiently. We love to share our experience and knowledge!

Topics: Big Data, Machine Learning, Scalable Architectures, Distributed Systems


Let's develop together!
We help you to implement and realize your ideas/projects. Our experience will produce reliable results!

Topics: Java, Scala, Ruby, C/C++, Hadoop Ecosystem, MongoDB, Oracle.


Let's make it grow!
We help you to grow your business smoothly. You care about your business we care about scalability, reliability and keeping services/products up and running!

Topics: Docker, PaaS/IaaS, Openstack, Cloudfoundry, AWS, DigitalOcean, IBM Bluemix, Softlayer, Azure, Capistrano, Chef, Pupper, Vagrant, NginX, HAProxy, SLA's.

Global IT

Let's make it Global!
With our expertise, we help you to productize, and to conform standards.

Topics: CMMI, Agile, Lean Startup, ISO/IEC-12207.

About Us

Target oriented.

SYM Software is a target oriented software team. With our vast experience in Defense&Aerospace, Telecom, Healthcare and Finance, we help startups and companies to achieve the goal.

Our Business

We are a team that passionate about Technology, Startups and Software.

We love to code, to work on challenging technical problems, to work as a team.

We are always eager to learn something, and apply what we've learned.

We work the agile way

Our Work

We helped many companies, from startups to bigger enterprises.

  • Big Data and Analytics solutions
  • Cyber-security Systems
  • Real-time Distributed Systems in Defense
  • Systems development in Aerospace
  • Mission-critical Infrastructure Systems
  • Mobile/Web modalities

Our Features

We love to learn and share! We even do sometimes for free!

We love to help startups!.We just provide support for some of projects we really love, or some of teams we match, just to see them to happen...

We can work as an extension to your team

We can work as contractor for turn-key solutions



More than 50 years of experience in Software Engineering

Ekrem Aksoy

Founder & Executive Director

Dr.Uğur Gürel

Development Lead

Dr.İsmail Uzun


Contact Us

Do you have a project or idea to be realized? Do you have questions? or just to say "hello".